Wedding Present: Trivets

trivet 1

One of my great friends recently got married to his smart and beautiful fiancée.  Because they are a young couple, I knew that they had registered for pretty much everything they would need to start a home together.  I wanted to give them something that they could use in their new life together, but that wouldn’t be as generic as the sets of glass bowls, silverware, and towels that they would surely receive.  These things would be much needed and would serve them well, but they had to pick durable, neutral pieces that would stand the test of time and the decor of homes to come.  I decided some home-made trivets would be a great way to add a pop of color to their new kitchen.


I got my inspiration and loosely based my design on this tutorial from Design*Sponge.  I started with four 48″ x 3/4″ dowels and a length of leather cord.  Then I built a simple jig for the chop saw to cut the dowels down to 8″ pieces.  After that, I carefully measured, marked, and drilled two holes in each piece.  I used a drill press (but a hand drill would have worked) and a bit that was about the same size as my leather cord.  Next came the finishing.  For the blue and orange trivet, I applied about three coats of acrylic craft paint, using painter’s tape to keep the edges crisp.  The other trivet got the same treatment with purple paint on the ends, but the lengths of the dowels were finished with mineral oil instead.  After everything was dry, I just threaded a leather cord through each piece and tied them tightly.

wedding card

B made this beautiful card to accompany the trivets using a little watercolor he whipped up in about two minutes and his mad designer skills.


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