We Love Dinosaur Comics

dinosaur comicsA funny thing happened today.  B opened up his personal site, which hasn’t been touched in a while, and noticed he had gotten 423 new hits today.  WHAT?

It only took a few seconds for us to realize what had happened.  B recently was working on a web design project for one of his classes and included an “Easter Egg” in the source code.  For those of you non-techies out there, that means he made a drawing within the code as a surprise for anyone looking at it.  The drawing was of T-Rex from one of our all-time favorite web comics, Dinosaur Comics, by Ryan North.  On a whim, B emailed the project to Ryan to show him what he had created.  Ryan actually read the email and emailed B back asking if he could add the T-Rex drawing to the source code of qwantz.com, where Dinosaur Comics is hosted.  B immediately agreed.  If you are using Firefox, you can visit qwantz.com and press command + U (on a mac, ctrl + U on a PC) to view the source code.  B is so honored to have a little piece of his work become part of the Dinosaur Comics site and I am so, so proud of him.

Ryan told us he would link to B’s site Friday or Saturday in the news notes under the daily comic, so we have been sort of getting prepared for some increased traffic.  What we didn’t expect was for him to post on Twitter about it earlier today:

Ben from bgspector.wordpress.com sent me some T-Rex ascii art he made and OBVIOUSLY added that to the source of qwantz.com

— Ryan North (@ryanqnorth) April 18, 2013

So a warm welcome to any readers that may have ended up here through Dinosaur Comics.  We are so glad to have you!


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