Letterboxing Stamps

stamp of a fish on a bike

E and I are gearing up to go letterboxing (the orienteering game), so I’ve made a couple of stamps.  E says that selecting a letterboxing alias and signature stamp is a serious and irreversible ritual, similar in gravitas to the naming of a child.  I think that that’s silly, because this is a game where grown adults run around in the woods looking for stamps.

stamp with the text "SLUG LIFE" spelled out with slugs for letters

I really like the “SLUG LIFE” stamp, but I think it may have too little gravitas as an alias, even for letterboxing.  E suggests that I go by the alias of mr toad (also the name of my pet toad! more on him later).  I think I will use the fish on a bike as my signature stamp, regardless of what alias I choose.

At the Internet’s recommendation, we used a piece of Speedball® Speedy-Carve™ stamp rubber as the base for the stamps.  I’m fairly new to cut-block printmaking, but I didn’t have any problems getting the material to do what I wanted.  One thing I learned in the process of transferring my pencil sketches to the rubber is that it’s very hard to get graphite off of stamp rubber.  I’m glad I taped my drawings in place before rubbing them down onto the blank stamps, because, had they slid around, the transferred images would have been irreparably blurry.

freshly-cut stamps and printsThat’s all I’ve got.


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